Elmina Castle

Constructed in 1482 by the Portuguese, who called it São Jorge da Mina, Elmina Castle is the oldest existent colonial structure in Sub-Saharan Africa. It's held up beautifully throughout the centuries, but as a center for the transatlantic slave trade, much of its history is dark. We took a tour, during which we were confronted with the unthinkable conditions suffered by the prisoners, before they were shipped off to the New World.

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Senya Beraku and the Fort of Good Hope

After spending the morning swimming and relaxing, after a great night sleeping at Tills Beach House in Gomoah Fetteh, we found a shared taxi to nearby Senya Beraku. This town is home to the Fort of Good Hope, which looks out over the Atlantic, and was built in the 1660s by the Dutch.

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