Adabraka Nightlife

Life in Accra can be stressful, I think most would agree. But regardless of how difficult the day had been, how unbearable the heat, or how aggravating the traffic, we always managed to go to bed in a fairly relaxed state of mind. Why? I think it had to do mostly with our post-sundown ritual, of finding a bar in Adabraka, and rinsing out the negativity build-up with a nice, cold beer.

Adabraka Nightlife

Nearly every night, we could be found at one of the many bars that litter the neighborhood. I wouldn’t be able to tell you their names, and it wouldn’t matter; they’re all basically the same. Cheap beer, a TV usually showing soccer or wrestling, a great view to the hilarious evening street life, and good conversation with curious locals.

After having claimed our seats, we’d almost always be engaged by the neighboring table… Where are we from? What do we think about Ghana? Do we like the food? Are people nice to us? (A definite “yes” to that last one! I don’t think we’ve been anywhere with nicer people, and the fact that you’re even asking me, kind of proves it. Not only are you being nice, but you want to make sure everyone else is, too.)

Our favorite bars were those that had some sort of barrier, to semi-conceal our presence from obruni-hunting children, but still allowed us to look out on the street and enjoy the shenanigans. Because shenanigans were always happening, without fail. The streets of Adabraka are teeming with energy and action, and not a dull minute goes by, whether you’re watching kids chase each other, old guys get into a furious argument about politics, or an impromptu dance party break out because New African Girl just came on the radio.

Man, I love that song! Move over everyone, because two middle aged white guys are about to twerk their way into this party. The sun’s down, the beer is working its magic, and the day’s tasks are done. It’s time to unwind.

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