La Tanta DC10 Restaurant

Upon arriving in Accra on a Friday afternoon, we’d had to turn over our drone to customs, who wouldn’t allow us to pick it up until Monday. We weren’t thrilled about the idea of diving back into the convoluted world of Ghana’s bureaucracy, but we’re all about bringing you aerial footage of the country’s landscapes. Besides, returning to the airport would give us the chance to visit a bizarre restaurant we’d spotted upon arrival.

La Tanta DC10 Restaurant
La Tanta DC10 Airplane Restaurant

La Tante DC10 Restaurant is found in the interior of a decommissioned McDonnell-Douglas aircraft. This plane was once flew for Ghana Airways, which ceased operations in 2005. After the plane had been stripped and sold for parts, some enterprising soul looked at the empty shell… and saw opportunity.

It might be a gimmick, and the meals might not be the cheapest in Accra, but the restaurant has proven surprisingly popular with locals. Apparently, the chance to eat aboard an aircraft is irresistible, and the food is supposed to be quite good. The entrance lounge is through the First Class cabin, and tables are arranged up and down the length of the aircraft.

We weren’t eating, so were asked to enjoy our malt beer outside, under the shade of one of the plane’s wings. That was fine by us… having just arrived on two long flights, from Madrid to Cairo, and Cairo to Accra, we weren’t in any hurry to have yet another meal on a plane.

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